Nationwide roadside & home assistance.

A dedicated 24-hour crisis centre on call to assist you with roadside emergencies, legal issues, medical support, home inconveniences and much more.

Enjoy our everyday, convenient roadside and home assist services:

Help is a just call away! Any time of the day, every day, of the year.
Services include:

Flat Battery Jump Start

Flat Tyre Change

Mechanical Breakdown Tow

Road Guardian

Medical Services

Roadside Security

Trauma Counselling

Overnight Accommodation

Locksmith assistance

Out of Fuel Provision

Home Drive

Accident and Recovery Tow

Emergency Home Assist

HIV Assistance

Alternative Transport

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“Done in 2 minutes”

“At 15h50 I locked my keys inside my car. At 16h00 I remembered that I could call ‘RoadAssist’ for assistance. The locksmith was with me at the car at 16h35. I can only but thank everyone involved and commend the people at RoadAssist and the locksmith that drove all that way for a job that was done within 2 minutes and not to forget the Duepoint team.”
Leon Botha, Randburg

“Done in 2 minutes”

“within half an hour”

“I had to take my baby boy to the pediatrician at Krugersdorp Private Hospital and could not start my car. I pressed the RoadAssist button on the app and within half an hour my vehicle was brought to my home free of charge. Thank You DuePoint for keeping your promises.”
Albert Nell, Krugersdorp

“within half an hour”

“It didn’t cost me a cent!”

“I was driving on the highway, when I suddenly realised that my power steering was gone. As a woman driving on my own, I was terrified, but then I realised that I had the RoadAssist available on my App. I phoned the call centre and they were absolutely brilliant. They took down all my details, communicated with my throughout and even wanted to send out a person to watch over me, while I was waiting for the tow truck to arrive. The tow truck operator arrived and towed me all the way back to Alberton. Best of all – it did not cost me a cent!”
Erna Van Wyk, Alberton

“It didn’t cost me a cent!”

“Really left me happy!”

“One night I heard the sound of water coming out in the bathroom, my bathroom was getting flooded with water. I then gave the RoadAssist service a call and they advised that they will allocate a plumber to come in the morning. The only thing I paid for was the parts that I needed to buy for the toilet. 30 minutes later got a call from the RoadAssist consultant who asked me if all was well. Really left me happy.”
Millicent Ramutla, Riverside View

“Really left me happy!”

“RoadAssist saved me twice!”

“One night our FREE RoadAssist saved me twice! Spoke with prospects in my car for about an hour. I kept the inside light on and after an hour when I needed to leave the car wouldn’t start! I immediately called DuePoint, and within 45 minutes help was on its way to jumpstart my car. Not only was I very relieved to get help so soon, but my prospects also experienced the efficiency of DuePoint first hand!”
Hannes Cloete, Cape Town

“RoadAssist saved me twice!”


Answers to your questions on RoadAssist can be found here Look at the frequently asked questions below.

Then this service is not available to you.

Simply open your DuePoint app and select the RoadAssist service. Once selected the menus will instruct you on how to load a vehicle and how to submit the details. If you are unable to do so, simply contact our client service team on for further assistance.

Yes. If you have a vehicle this service is made available to you after you have paid your first payment, whether Enterprise or product, and have loaded a vehicle into your DuePoint app.

Only one vehicle may be loaded to the RoadAssist service.

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