The perfect partner
for vehicle owners.

Seven benefits in one product – giving ultimate peace-of-mind for South African vehicle owners for only R249 per month.

Seven benefits in a single product.

AutoGuru affords South African drivers peace-of-mind with the ultimate collection of services for vehicle owners.

All the help any driver could want.

Get all the assistance you need to claim from the Road Accident Fund, manage licenses and fines and even receive bail to the value of R4,000 annually.

Dent & scratch

Minor scrapes and scuffs are inevitable but AutoGuru will ensure your vehicle looks like it has just rolled off the showroom floor.


Answers to your questions on DuePoint can be found here.
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The waiting periods range as follows:

  • Cover for accidental hospitalisation after first payment
  • Cover for primary health care after 2 months
  • Cover for pre-birth maternity 9 months
  • Cover for chronic medication and optometry 12 months

No, MediGuard is a primary health care product. It does not include hospitalisation from illness or elective surgeries.

Primary healthcare includes all your day to day medical requirements e.g. GP’s, nurses, pharmacies, optometrists etc. It does not ordinarily include hospitalisation or specialists. However, MediGuard does include hospitalisation as a result of accident and a few specialists. See the policy document for full details.

All treatments that fall within the scope of this product occur at private hospitals.

Yes. The testing, doctors consultation and treatment are covered within the limitations of this product. Read the full policy document for these limits.

Call 0861 366 006, ask for “Networks” and then request a list of practitioners within your area.

No. People of all ages can join and remain under cover for their whole life. An additional premium will however be charged where members or dependents are over the age of 55.

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